HCG DIET IS SIMPLY AN EASY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST, AND I MEAN FAST. The diet was put together in the 1960′s with 20 years of research by Dr. Simeons, MD. While fat is converted into blood sugar and used as energy, Dr. Simeons’ research showed that the body needed additional proteins. He found that a 500 calorie high protein diet would help in the process of losing weight, while using HCG to convert fat into fuel. HCG has been most commonly injected into the body, but the cost can be as much as $600 to $1200 for the 6 week diet. Most people prefer the oral Drops to the injections, and find them just as effective, if not more. This diet works for losing large amounts of weight, and even for those last stubborn 10 lbs!


According to WebMD, HCG helps to burn the “mobile fat”; this is the fat that is stored around the hips, thighs, belly and upper arms. It will however leave the so called “structural fat”, that’s found in the muscles so the organs are protected, and untouched. This way the excess fat will disappear even faster. Losing weight in problem areas will be dealt with more efficiently.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that has been around for hundreds of years. It takes the unique electrical signature of any substance you want to use, and traps it into a base liquid an it’s taken sublingually under the tongue.

Why use HCG?

Although you may choose from hundreds of easy diets to lose weight fast, the big question is which is the right one for you. Some of these are too restrictive, and unless you’re someone with enormous amounts of willpower and discipline, you will find that these types of diets may look good but they generally produce poor results. That is why the HCG diet works

  • Fast weight loss
  • Lose 20 pounds of belly fat
  • Success rate of over 90 percent
  • Best weight loss plan
  • HCG is safe weight loss program.
  • HCG can help control your hunger.
  • HCG resets your hypothalamus so that your weight reduction is long term.
  • HCG can help re-sculpt your body by tightening up skin when weight is lost.
Advantages of using this brand of Homeopathic HCG

This Homeopathic HCG weight loss Drops has a few advantages over others. Some people have gotten into the habit of turning to comfort foods while under stress. Since these foods are usually low in nutrition, it creates a vicious cycle of reaching for foods that can cause low blood sugar, and more stress. Our product helps to rebalance this condition, by giving you the option of doing an extra round of spray to remove the craving, if it comes up. Some have reported, in severe cases, of doing up to 8 rounds of spray in one day. Although this is not the average experience, these dieters have actually reported losing even more weight on those days!

Other brands of Homeopathic HCG must be used twice a day ONLY. If they get a craving in the middle of the day, they are stuck, AND more likely to cheat on the diet. On the 2 days that I cheated on the diet (out of curiosity), I did not lose weight. On one of those days, I gained a pound and lost it the next day. This diet protocol is very precise. If you follow it, you will, most likely experience no hunger at all!

Shipped the same day if
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How long is the diet followed?

The diet is followed for 6 weeks. If you have more to lose, you go off the diet and HCG for a month to 6 weeks before starting up again for another 6 weeks. You repeat as many cycles as you want until you get to the desired weight.

What is the cost?

One 2 ounce – 3 weeks supply – is just $45 a bottle.This is enough for 3 doses a day for 3 weeks.

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